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“We started with the promise that your Evolution experience and results are
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Welcome to Evolution Fitness Training

Isn’t it time to just be honest with yourself about where you are and what it will take to reach your goals?
Platoon starts where you are. It’s a challenging, safe and fun experience that is 100% money back guaranteed! Platoon provides personal training at private gyms located on the Main Line and in Center City Philadelphia, PA as well as at your home or office.

For more than 15 years Platoon Fitness has excelled at designing, building and managing Corporate Wellness facilities for every kind of team from billion dollar public companies to small businesses. Our seasoned instructors are masters at teaching one time or ongoing Boot Camps, TRX, Olympic Weight Lifting, Kettlebells, Yoga and more. Whether it’s ongoing classes or one time special events, your team will be raving fans.



Massage Therapy

Targeting the problems solves the symptoms. more

Personal Training

One on One Training

Please try an hour Personal Training for just $25 and if you don’t love it we will refund your money. more

Group Classes

All Levels Welcome!

Evolution Outdoor has been meeting for the past 20 years six days a week rain, snow, or shine. more

Martial Arts

Adult & Kid Jiu Jitsu

We offer adult classes, kid’s classes (ages 7-12) and one on one instruction. more


Get in Shape!

Did you know Platoon Fitness owns the trademark “different is the only routine”?  more

Weight Loss

Drop the Weight and Get Fit


Correctives works on the problem not just the symptom. more


Increase Endurance Through Personal Training on the Main Line and in Center City Philadelphia more


Drop the Weight and Get Fit

Evolution starts where you are.
There are a lot of quick fixes for weight issues, but we are not one of them because we believe in solutions not band aids. At Evolution Fitness, our personal trainers excel at helping you get unwanted weight off, tone up and get in outstanding shape. Our philosophy is to treat the problem, usually lack of movement and poor diet, not the symptom (excess body fat). Evolution Personal Training Instructors
No one knows how to get you motivated and keep you motivated to exercise like Evolution Instructors, for the past 20 years we have worked with thousands of people just like you by starting where you are and working step by step through our Evolution Fitness System. Exercise is only part of the solution for permanent weight loss which is where Evolution Nutrition come in.
Whether you’re looking for personal training or a corporate wellness program, Evolution Nutrition has no pills, potions, shots, shakes, meal delivery services, protein bars or surgery, it starts with you keeping a 48 hour online food journal that we review and make recommendation from. You continue to log what you eat and we continue to help you navigate your nutrition so that your lifestyle changes. There are no meal plans, they don’t work. It comes down to Structure, Discipline, Accountability and of course Sacrifice.
That’s why Evolution Fitness works. Although Evolution Nutrition is not mandatory, it is free and highly suggested.

Evolution Fitness starts where you are and builds one step at a time to create massive Strength Training with Personal Training strength. If you want lean muscle or just raw power our professional, seasoned, certified instructors lead the Nation in their ability to create more power, force and sustenance in teams and especially individuals regardless of what shape you are in now. Build strength with private trainers with your own personal training program. Corporate life wearing you down? We offer corporate wellness classes! Evolution Instructors each carry multiple strength and conditioning certifications from nationally accredited institutes and organizations.

Evolution Fitness knows there are no short cuts or quick fixes for true endurance. It takes hard work and a proven strategy. If you want to run faster and cut your time or last longer at Building endurance with the help of a personal trainer anything you do it takes proper consistent training and nutrition. Ask any personal trainer, and they’ll tell you, HIIT training or High Intensity Interval Training is only one effective method; variation is critical, HIIT alone is worthless. Resistance training to strengthen your bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles will give you real endurance time after time. Evolution Instructors will work with you, a small group, or lead a corporate wellness event, to work where you are the weakest and build you into an endurance monster, or your money back.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Evolution helps you get the most out of your workouts by increasing flexibility, but most importantly of all by improving your mobility. How will you get results if you can’t move correctly and efficiently through space? Evolution’s personal trainers are trained to assist you in increasing that flexibility which is essential to a balanced workout. Set up an appointment today with a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certified Instructor. Our Corporate Wellness programs offer you the flexibility to workout when you or your corporate office wants. With your screen results in hand our seasoned and professional instructors will take you literally step by step towards achieving goals.

Get Results Through Change

Did you know Evolution Fitness owns the trademark “different is the only routine”? We live out Revamp your corporate wellness attire of the box, after all we have been delivering Evolution Outdoor classes six days a week, rain, snow or shine, year round for over 20 years. Who else can say that? Today’s busy corporate world is constantly changing. But our corporate wellness programs remain rock steady. If you want to revamp your life, our personal trainers will encourage your every step. If you don’t like your current workout or it’s just not get it done, try Evolution — We will transform not only what you do, but how you think about fitness.


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